Laboratory of Mihaly Mezei

Software MMC LOGO MMC:  Monte Carlo simulations: (T,V,N), (T,P,N), (T,V,µ) ensembles; free energy; Proximity Analysis
Simulaid LOGO Simulaid: simulation setup utilities:
optimal solute placement, conversions and analysis
Dockres LOGO Fullscreen and Dockres: Virtual screening utilities
and their analyses
Cham LOGO Cham: Search for chameleon sequences Fold LOGO FOLD: Protein foldability calculations
CVdistr LOGO CVdistr: Molecular sphericity calculation CVshave LOGO CVshave: Protein shaving
PFP LOGO PFP: Protein fingerprint generation Pspace LOGO Pspace: Protein space covering
Rescore LOGO Rescore: ClusPro and PatchDock result analysis Codon LOGO Codon: Codon usage statistcs
Atomc LOGO Atomc: multi ensemble atomic fluid Monte Carlo Gibbs LOGO Gibbs: cavity-biased Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo
Maxwell LOGO Maxwell: multipole expansion for fluid and crystalline phase with the Maxwell formalism
Simloc LOGO Simloc: detection of local similarities between conformations
Intocham LOGO Intocham: conversion from InsightII to Charmm, Amber or Moil formats

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